Vacation Incentives

Frequently Asked Questions

What are vacation and travel incentives?  
Vacation and travel incentives are special incentive travel programs in which the recipients are being offered promotional vacation packages.    

What exactly can these incentives do for my business?
Vacation and travel incentives have been widely used by businesses and companies all over the United States as client giveaways and/or employee rewards.  By giving away free vacations,you will entice potential clients to purchase your products or avail your service rather than go to your competitor's, thereby increasing your sales and maximizing your profits.  These will help your business grow.  Those who have done business with you and have received free vacations will spread the news about your campaign and will refer your products or services to others.    

Why use vacation and travel incentives?
Vacation and Travel Incentives help you to increase your traffic (website/floor), increase sales during off seasons, develop customer trust, motivate employees and retain customers.  Most importantly vacation and travel incentives help you gain an edge over your competitors.    

What are the possible applications of these incentives?

Some of the many applications include the following:

Sales closing tools
Referral Incentives
Employee loyalty and/or performance reward
Gifts for large purchases
Customer appreciation gifts
Prizes for golf tournaments, sweepstakes, contests and raffles
New membership gifts
Bonus for subscriptions or renewals
Pledge gift
Dealership incentives
Internet Marketing/advertising
Thank You gifts
Appointment setter
Lead generator
And More!!

How do these vacation and travel incentives work?

You will give the brochure to your clients or employees during your campaign. The recipients will then fill out the registration form and send them in to the address on the brochure.  They will then receive a reservations package with all the information they need to know in order to take the vacation.    

Which companies can benefit from these incentive programs?  
Virtually any kind of company can gain an advantage from this program.  An incentive can be used by car dealers, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, real estate agents, internet companies, cellular phone distributors, wireless communications, banks, jewelers, mortgage lenders, golf clubs, radio stations, sports organizations, website owners, small business, alumni organizations and more.    

Can companies who bought these incentives sell it retail?
No.  These incentives should be given as incentives.  All brochures sold for retail sale will be voided.  If sold retail, the purpose will be forfeited.    

Do the recipients have to take the vacation right away?
No.  The recipient is not required to take the vacation or travel right away. They can take their vacation whenever they want to at the time that is convenient for them based on availability.  Usually, they have one year or more to take the travel.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final.  We do not allow returns or exchanges since these are printed materials.  We encourage you to please contact us first before purchasing to make sure that you will not make a mistake in choosing the incentive that is right for your budget.    
Why should we purchase from you?

1. We are affiliated with a licensed and bonded travel agency.
2. We work with a fulfillment company that has more than 15 years experience.
3. We are a respected major wholesalers of these programs in the market.
4. Our incentives have a high perceived value.
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7. You have several different programs to choose from for vacations, cruise and airfare.


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